Bios of the Republican candidates

Biographies as provided by the Republican candidates

Kent Abernathy

Kent Abernathy is a graduate of the United States Military Academy. Kent’s lifetime of service emulates the West Point motto: Duty, Honor, Country. He also completed Army Ranger training and later flight school, becoming an Army aviator. After nearly seven years of active duty, Kent transitioned into his business career and he remained active in the Army Reserve and National Guard. In 2003, Kent felt the call to return to active duty. He then urged his superiors to send him overseas and was deployed to Iraq. Kent retired from the Army Reserve as a Colonel.  His military awards and decorations include the Senior Army Aviator Badge, Parachutist Badge, Ranger Tab, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, and Iraq Campaign Medal. Kent served in the administrations of Governor Mitch Daniels and Governor Mike Pence, learning the importance of effective, efficient government. During the Pence administration, he was appointed Commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).  Kent instructed the landmark legislative reform that simplified and streamlined the Indiana motor vehicle code. Kent and his wife, Karen, a pediatric critical care nurse, have been married for 39 years and live in Zionsville. Together they have three sons, three daughters-in-law and four grandchildren.

Andrew Bales

Andrew Bales is father to three girls, grandfather to four grandchildren.  He is a retired teacher, with 15 years of classroom experience as well as a US Army veteran of 13 years, including deployment to Desert Storm. He served as an enlisted soldier from 1986 through 1994 when he earned his commission as an officer with the Indiana National Guard. Mr. Bales served as a Precinct Committeeman through the 2000 election in Wayne Township and is an average citizen who sees the left moving us closer to socialism and eroding of our rights. He cherishes the freedoms our Constitution guarantees and will fight to protect those freedoms!

“Service in Congress is complex.  It takes someone with well-rounded and proven qualifications.  My platform includes protecting the unborn, protecting our Constitution, lowering our debt and the cost of health care and health coverage, protecting individual freedoms and creating jobs.”

“As a soldier I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  It is an ongoing promise to a nation that has afforded me a lifetime of achievement.  It’s payback time, and that is why I’m asking you to send me to Washington as your Representative.”

Micah Beckwith

Born and raised in Hillsdale, Michigan, Micah grew up with a solid understanding of and strong appreciation for the biblical values and constitutional principles that make America great. Micah learned the importance of faith, family, and freedom. Micah attended Huntington College in Huntington, Indiana where he earned his degree in business with a major in economics and finance and a minor in entrepreneurship. It was here where he met his wife, Susan. After graduating, Micah started his own business. He maintained successful business practices such as budgets, job creation and managing day-to-day decisions. After successfully growing his business, he sold it and started a music entertainment company with national reach. Micah and Susan have lived in Noblesville, Indiana, for over 13 years and have two children. Micah currently serves as the CEO of Sing Love, a music education and leadership development organization focused on training up the next generation. In addition to his business success, Micah also has found his passion for serving others as a worship pastor helping people unlock their God-given talents. He previously served at White River Christian Church in Noblesville and currently serves at Northview Church with campuses in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Anderson, Kokomo, and Indianapolis.

Carl Brizzi

Carl Brizzi served as Marion County Prosecutor from 2003-2010 where he successfully led many high-profile prosecutions against violent offenders. The Marion County prosecutor’s office under Carl’s leadership achieved some of the highest conviction rates in the country for violent offenders. He also spearheaded the effort that led to Indiana Senate Bill 236. This law states that a criminal who terminates a pregnancy in the commission of a murder is subject to an additional six to 20-year sentence for the crime. Carl is running for Congress because he is a tough, battle-tested prosecutor who isn’t afraid to fight alongside the President. Our freedoms are under attack and we are facing the threat of mainstream socialism. We have to protect our rights. To do this we need a candidate who has a proven record of fighting those who threaten our liberty, whether they be violent gun toting criminals, or progressive politicians with liberty effacing agendas. Carl won back to back elections as a tough Republican prosecutor in Democratic Marion County. The 5th CD is becoming increasingly “purple” and to keep this seat Republican, and have a chance at reclaiming a House Majority, we have to choose a proven winner. Carl is that person.

Allen Davidson

Allen Ray Davidson was born in Maine and grew up in Texas. He moved from Texas to northeast Indianapolis after graduating from Texas Tech University in 1991. He found his first engineering job in 1992 reviewing air pollution permit applications for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. In 1998, he acquired his professional engineer license, then worked for IDEM in the Part 70 operating permit program on complex permit applications until 2007. In 2007, Mr. Davidson began a new career at the Indiana Department of Transportation as a pavement design engineer. In late 2010, he transferred to a new position created for the purpose of identifying Indiana’s worst pavement locations. In 2013, he demonstrated to INDOT managers that approximately 40% of the state’s worst pavement occurs at the ends of bridges. In 2015, he transferred back to pavement engineering to work on bridge projects and has been performing that role at INDOT ever since. Mr. Davidson ran for the U.S. House for the 5th District in 2014 and 2016, as a Democrat, but left their party shortly after the 2016 primary. He officially changed his party affiliation in 2018. This is his first primary as a Republican.

Chuck Dietzen

Dr. Chuck Dietzen is the Founder and a Volunteer of Timmy Global Health, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to expand access to healthcare in the developing world, while empowering students and medical professional volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. Dr. Chuck started his commitment to serve the medically underserved in 1992 when he traveled to the former Soviet Union. Yet, his work in global medicine took off after traveling to India in 1997 and 1998 on various orthopedic missions, where he had the inspiring opportunity to work alongside Mother Teresa, he also learned the value of compassion and wellness while growing up in Kokomo, Indiana where over 150 foster children came through his family’s home. He is a distinguished alum of Purdue University School of Agriculture where he received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1983. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from IU in 1987 and completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency from the University of Alabama in 1991. He is also the co-founder of iSalus Health Care and is a widely acclaimed author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and expert witness for cases involving children with impairments. In 2017 his book, Pint-Sized Prophets received the Christopher Award for both adult books and the James Keller Award recognizing individuals who are positively shaping the lives of children.

Beth Henderson

For the past 30 years Beth and her family have lived in Indiana’s 5th District, starting in Cicero from 1990 to ’99, then moving to Zionsville shortly after, and now living in Atlanta, IN since 2007. Starting out of college, Beth was a nurse and the caring hand that patients needed in their time of need. With her firsthand experience helping patients, Beth began a career of advocating for those who required assistance navigating their healthcare needs. Working in case management, Beth witnessed how the nation’s healthcare system works, but more importantly, how it doesn’t. Effectively managing cases and learning the business, Beth saw a better way to help patients. With her experience, coupled with hard work and determination to care for those who needed her help, Beth formed her own case management company. Working her way through both the healthcare bureaucracy and running her own business, creating jobs for Hoosiers, Beth built an efficient and successful business from the ground up.
Today, with her husband Terry, Beth has started several other small businesses with the same determination and grit that made her first company so successful. From agriculture to business development, Beth’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. Always returning to her roots of caring and serving those in need, Beth has proven to be an effective leader and job creator while raising two children in the heart of Indiana.

Matt Hook

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Prior to retiring in 2017, Matt was a Senior Partner at Centerfield Capital Partners where he spent 16 years investing in, and sitting on the boards of, middle market companies. Prior to joining Centerfield, Matt was an attorney with HKW where he was Vice President and General Counsel for six years and Ice Miller for five years. Prior to practicing law Matt was a CPA.  Matt worked as an accountant for eight years with Ernst & Young and Main Hurdman (now KPMG).  While at E&Y Matt went to law school at night. Matt paid for most of his college working in the steel industry in northwestern Indiana. EDUCATION: Juris Doctorate, cum laude, Indiana University School of Law (1989), IndianapolisBachelor of Science in Accounting, Indiana University (1981), BloomingtonPERSONAL: Matt grew up in northern Indiana.  As the son of a United Methodist minister, Matt’s family moved about every five years living in Churubusco, Gary, Ft. Wayne and Hammond, Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University, Matt moved to Indianapolis where he met Jody, his wife of 26 years. They have four children and have lived in the 5th district for the past 24 years.

Matt Hullinger

I was born the second of three children in Fort Wayne, Indiana and lived in Auburn, Indiana until I was 18. At 18, my family moved to Carmel, Indiana due to a career opportunity for my father. I graduated from Westfield high school in 2008.  I am currently 30 years old with a 7-year-old son named Jordan. I first became interested in politics at the young age of 15 and have been paying attention ever since. For the past few years, I have been giving great thought about running for congress. I have been a conservative since I was young and if elected, plan to uphold conservative values. I will fight for Hoosier values and interests and will not back down or compromise those values or the trust of those who elect me. Things I stand for: Pro-life. Pro second amendment. Pro school choice. Extend the 2017 tax cuts. Soldiers and veterans should be officially exempt from alcohol and tobacco sales and possession laws-if they are old enough to fight for our country, they are old enough to smoke and drink. Legalize medicinal marijuana. Work with others in congress to ensure a budget bill is passed that will cut spending and get rid of unneeded government programs and departments. Allow the department of education of the states to have more power over what goes on in their education systems. Allow private insurance companies to offer plans that compete with Medicare thus driving down costs. Allow an opt out option on Medicare and social security for individuals that are high income earners thus reducing costs. Allow Medicare to negotiate with drug manufacturers on pricing of prescriptions thus reducing the cost of prescriptions. Repeal estate tax. Repeal all of Obamacare and allow insurance companies to compete in all state which will reduce costs. Hospitals and doctor offices should post pricing on the services they provide. Top 10 corporate farms in America should no longer get subsidiaries; they should go to small, local farms.

Kelly Mitchell

Born on a Naval base and raised by a single mother on a farm in rural Illinois, Kelly Mitchell worked odd jobs to pay her way through college and became the first in her family to graduate college, eventually earning a M.A. in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College. Mitchell became Indiana’s youngest county commissioner by defeating an entrenched incumbent and later was elected State Treasurer. As Treasurer, Kelly Mitchell is proud to partner with Governor Eric Holcomb to secure Indiana’s economic security and success by helping create the state’s $2 billion budget surplus and AAA credit rating. Kelly Mitchell is a pro-life conservative. She served as a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention and was an Elector for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016. For her commitment to Hoosiers, Kelly was awarded the Sagamore of the Wabash by then-Governor Mike Pence. Kelly Mitchell is a resident of Carmel and has a blended family of four children and two grandchildren with her husband Larry.

Danny Niederberger

Danny was born and raised in Westfield, Indiana to his mother Christine and Father Dan. He comes from a big family: four older sisters, one older brother, and two younger brothers. Danny went to Westfield Public Schools his entire youth. He was a four-year varsity swimmer at Westfield High School setting two records: one in an individual event and the other in a relay. Danny went to Purdue University where he obtained two degrees: one in accounting and one in management. After graduating from Purdue, Danny served as the Portfolio Accountant at Wallington Asset Management, a registered investment adviser in Indianapolis. At one point, he was the only one in the portfolio accounting department. Danny’s role was to account for $750 Million in Assets Under Management down to the penny. In January 2017, Danny moved down to Miami, Florida taking a position as a Fund Accountant for Concise Capital Management. Danny originally took over the accounting department, but soon took over the operations department as well. In January 2019, Danny moved back to Indiana, while retaining his role at Concise Capital Management.

Mark Small

Howard County: born and raised; age 14 worked door-to-door first political campaign; 1969, in high school, wore armband, Moratorium against Vietnam War. DePauw University: elected Student Body President; BA, political science. Chicago: day job at Northwestern University School of Law; at night, standup comedy. Indianapolis: JD, IU-Indianapolis, 1989; practice primarily in

appellate advocacy; counsel in SCOTUS cases that sought to nullify 2016 POTUS election. Issues: -pro-choice: Roe recognizes a woman’s right to choose, written by GOP justice, explains abortion historically was legal, is good law. -pro-environment: GOP was force in founding National Park Service and in establishing EPA. -anti-war: military-on-steroids makes us less secure and robs money from infrastructure; declaration of war should be required to commit troops anyplace. -pro-gun control: limit number of firearms one person can own, ban assault weapons and banana clips, and enhance background checks. -anti-theocracy: ours is a multi-cultural society and all religious beliefs should be protected. -law and order: ban private correctional corporations; legalize all drugs. -civil rights: Republicans did and should advance civil and voting rights. -finance: ban TIFs, subsidies to professional sports, private businesses. -health care: Medicare for all. -immigration: adopt 2013 comprehensive reform.

Victoria Spartz

In many ways, Victoria Spartz embodies the American dream. Born overseas, she immigrated to the United States 20 years ago after meeting her husband, a born and raised Hoosier, on a train in Europe. She then became a US Citizen and worked her way up from bank teller to a business executive, CPA, and successful business owner. Growing up in socialist-controlled Ukraine, she experienced firsthand the dark side of socialism. Living through this molded her conservative political philosophy: limited government is always better and financial and healthcare decisions should be made by individuals in the free market, not bureaucrats and special interests. Victoria has been active in her local community. She has sponsored numerous charitable causes, helped with many political campaigns, including President Trump’s, and served on a number of boards, including terms as President of the Hamilton County Republican Women and Vice-Chairman of Hamilton County Republican Party, where she helped to defeat the embedded Republican establishment and good old boys club. She was also a founding member of Hamilton County Tea Party, and recognized as the Hamilton County Republican Woman of the Year, 5th District Republican Woman of the Year, GOPAC Emerging Leader, CPA Society Emerging Leader, Scholastic Award recipient from the IU Kelley School of Business, the Indiana Association of Realtor’s Hoosier Life Member Award recipient, Lacy Leadership Program graduate and Indianapolis Super Bowl Ambassador. Victoria and her husband, Jason, a lifelong resident of Hamilton County, reside in Noblesville with their two daughters.

Russell Stwalley

Russell Stwalley comes from a family of Hoosiers that dates to when Indiana first became a state.   Growing up on a farm he learned early on what hard work was like and has applied that to every job he has ever held and would be just thrilled to now apply it to be your Representative in Congress.   Smart as a whip, determined, tenacious, a real hell-raiser when circumstances call for it, and sometimes when they don’t, he is also known to be quiet and soft-spoken.  Believing that most of the ills beleaguering our country are due to straying from the Constitution he will do everything within his power to bring us back in line with what the founders intended. The priorities for Mr. Stwalley will include decreasing our debt, ending endless wars and term limits for both the House and the Senate.   And finally, there is the draining of the swamp.  Getting that done will entail a bit of everything else and is the single greatest thing we could do for the future of the United States of America.